Impactful Art

4184077716_4217a29a08_oI listened to a radio conversation the other day called The Art of Noticing and Then Creating by Seth Godin. At first I didn’t want to, I didn’t want to waste my time listening to something that could possibly make me think on a deeper level. But when listening I realized that this was the exact thing I needed to hear. Continue reading

The Community Enriches

How can being part of a community affect you ?

I have learned from reading essays, Walking the Path between Worlds and Health and Happiness, and the book The Scarlet Letter, that being or feeling a part of a community can have a huge positive impact. All show the importance of a community for an individual and how it can impact your physical and mental well-being.15466225846_126fb15846_o

If you aren’t in a community then you don’t have someone to talk to or go through life with. They will always have this void in them which will start to negatively impact them. Being told every day, either by yourself or someone else, that you don’t belong can get to you.  In The Scarlet Letter, Dimmesdale and Hester were not a part of the town either physically or mentally. Hester was shunned and isolated while Dimmesdale was alone in his despair, therefore cut-off from society. Continue reading

Navigating Vulnerability

Picture by: Robert Pittman


Last week in my English class we peer reviewed our descriptive essay. At the very end of our discussion we mentioned how we all need to be more vulnerable. To not just give the flat dreary details everyone has heard before. But to be personal and truthful about the topic we are discussing.

A lot of our descriptions and even narrative essays we have written in the past are on very personal things. This makes it hard to open up and share those details to someone else. A person in our group wrote about how her grandma died and she didn’t know how much to add without making it too personal and emotional. This was a very upsetting experience and she didn’t know if people would understand. Continue reading

Everything Is An Argument

“Everything is an argument”

Before we get into this, what is an argument?

It is a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong.

My English teacher cleared up the air with saying that it wasn’t where you yell at people about something but better yet where you critically think and take a position. You are given an opinion and have to back it up with evidence. It is a form of persuasion and debate.

He told us we had to read things and that everything was readable. You can read a picture, a room, or a person. This wasn’t hard for me since I already read into things way too much. Over analyzing and trying to figure things out. All I had to do now is learn how to apply it. Continue reading

The Timeless Night


080I didn’t notice anything around me, however every once in a while I would notice a white house or the Talbert marshes. Things would flash into and out of focus. My mind was going a million miles an hour as I questioned with my dad the possibility of going to see NEEDTOBREATHE.

Next thing I know we are at the stoplight on Main Street, there is a multitude of people in shorts and tank tops trying to get from here to there. I noticed the crowded pier to my right and the urban beach front stores to my left. It is now or never. Do I go or not go? The light turned green; I made the split second decision. My dad flashed through the intersection and we were gone. Continue reading

The Never Ending Evolution of Writing

ODC – Your Personality 112 Pictures in 2012 #40 – Something beginning with “T” Texture courtesy of Kirstin Frank

Writing has an evolution, one that is never ending.

You start out with an inferior infant, a zero draft, move onto the young optimistic child, the first draft, hit the frustrating teen years, the second draft, push through the hardships of the young adults, reach the road block middle aged years, drag into the wise seniors and finally come to a resting place, accepting the state of completion, when you are finally done and ready to turn it in.

According to my English class, you can’t be satisfied with what you originally wrote, that is wrong. You need to always be improving. To get input from other students, get examples from other essays and expertise advice from teachers. Continue reading

The Rhetorical Triangle: One Tree Hill

Photo By: Ted Major on Flickr

My favorite TV show is One Tree Hill. This is a show set in North Carolina surrounding a rivalry of two brothers, their family and friends. I thought it would be interesting if I applied what I learned in AP English to the show. I just learned about the rhetorical triangle this year. It is made up of the audience, speaker, and purpose surrounded by context.

Continue reading