I Like Words.

rsz_sticksandstonesWe all know how powerful words are:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can paralyze my soul”

I kinda improvised the last part.

You can use words as a weapon or a tool.

They can uplift someone or break them down.

Now that we go that out of the way lets continue onto my ramble.  Continue reading

It has been a week.

And oh how it has been a week. It is always been A WEEK. So let us talk about things.

My friends have also been pretty amazing. But when are they not. I spend so much time with them and they are starting to get me so well. It is feels really great to be known.

businesswoman with a note-bookI have been working on a TV show idea for the past few weeks that I have had floating around in my mind for two years. Now I am finally starting to organize it and outline it.

I got a job at a Dude Ranch (that happened two weeks ago). That is really exciting but also scary. My first job and it is all summer out of state. I have been there before and know I will have fun but it is also so outside of my comfort zone. Continue reading

If I could write…

6359858606451892391950107189_1407972333-tips-writing-contributed-articlesI have started writing again for the first time in a long time. Like actually writing. Something with a purpose and with direction. I don’t give up after a while. My goal is to let this story take its course, going for the long haul.

The thing is I don’t know if my story is even any good. I like how unique and intriguing my story is but what if I don’t develop it well, making it too cliche or boring. It could not have enough detail or terrible structure. I am actually really excited about it but am afraid that all of this work will turn up for nothing.  Continue reading