-Being obsessed with MBTI-

Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

I know there are so much more than this. I barely know enneagram cognitive functions, and shadow functions.

whoismocca-blog-tipps-tricks-laptop-coffee-notebook-sliderI love to go on peoples blogs and personality cafe all of the time just to learn more about the different types.

I seriously think that I should be a psychology major rather than film sometimes. Although I think that it will then suck the fun out of it.

I am an INFP and find myself to be pretty much the epitome of this type. It actually kills me how much I fit into the stereotype. Every once in awhile I am like “ehhh” but most of the time I am laughing at how accurate it describes me. Continue reading

Ramble of the INFP

shy-girlI disappeared for two weeks. At least it wasn’t a month.

I always feel like screaming. But I don’t. I don’t for fear of judgement. So I sit there. Quiet. Saying things under my breath or in my head.

When people say things about the stuff I am passionate about and I have a differing opinion I hold back because I hate conflict.  Continue reading

INFP: I’m a turtle.

68ee9e7da2e75eee6aba43a07ee72e97_cartoon-sea-turtle-cartoon-sea-turtle-cartoon-clipart_7197-4514You may see me as outgoing. Standing on top of my shell. This only happens when I am passionate about something.

You may see me as chill. Head is poked out of the shell. This is who I am most of the time.

You may see me as withdrawn. Pulled all the way into my shell. This only happens when I feel exhausted or emotional.  Continue reading

My INFP Personality Things

I have over the past couple  of months become more interested with the Myer Briggs Test. I have made so many of the people in my life big or small take it just so I could learn more.

I have gotten typed at INFP meaning I am Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving as my main cognitive behaviors. I have read and watched so many articles and videos so here is my take.

chairlift_-_crying_in_public_video_news_under_the_radarI hate crying in public but sometimes when something triggers my emotions it just comes out. Confrontation usually makes me cry, has since I was little and now even as a newly adult I still have to hold back tears when talking to a professor. I take crying very seriously because it usually last for multiple hours, meaning once I’ve started even if I stop I can easily start again. I cry at some movies and in fact if I don’t it rarely can make it into my favorite movies. I also am usually never crying for just one thing although one thing may have triggered it, me crying at that moment may seem silly but know that silly thing that triggered it is about 20% of the reason I actually can’t breath and feel like the world is over. Continue reading