I can’t handle this much.

Yesterday at 6:20 pm my whole world changed again. It has happening so much lately. I hate it. I was at college and my dad came to drop off some stuff which is a regular thing. I thought it would be a normal exchange. That after I would go eat dinner, study, and do some other school stuff. I thought my day was already at its worst with dealing with internet problems, a terrible group presentation, and just usual life things.

Nope. Continue reading

Friends Character & Season Ranking

My favorite TV show is Friends. Here are my favorite ranked in order although after Monica I don’t really have a particular order. I am trying to keep them all the same length and super short so I don’t ramble on forever. They all change so much from the very beginning and I think that is amazing. friends-cast

Chandler- I mean who doesn’t say Chandler is their favorite? His sarcastic comments that represent us so well. He has perfect comedic timing and is all around super lovable.

Monica- She is very type A but also a part of Mondler which is my all time OTP paired with two of my favorite characters and show. They’re kind of unbeatable in my book.  Continue reading