I’m Tired. And I’m Done!

cover-1-750x422Freshman year is officially over as of three days ago. That means that summer is here.

This past semester and year overall has been one emotional rollercoaster. As some of you may know if you read my blog regularly- it has not been a cup of tea.  Continue reading

I come here.

angerWhen I need to get something off of my chest this is where I turn to. It is so healthy for me to get my thoughts out and into the world. Instead of locking them up inside my head.

When I am mad. I literally can’t do anything extremely productive. My brain is cluttered with the thoughts pulsing throughout. I try to distract it with different stimuli so the pain doesn’t set in.

I could go into all the details into why I am feeling the way I do but I think it is always important in what you do in response to your feelings. I don’t believe we can control how we feel but I do believe we can control how we react to those feelings.  Continue reading