Life. Update?

So I haven’t written here in quite some time- but I did warn that. Almost a month or so later- here I am. I have been in Colorado for almost five weeks. It has been the longest I have been away from home.

I have gotten homesick and at the same time feel completely okay with being away from home. I guess it is because I know that there is an end date. I know that it will be over soon and so I am trying to make the most of it.  Continue reading

Writing With A Purpose

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A book in progress on the best thing in the entire world.

Purpose. Meaning. These are the things that we all hope to strive for. What is the reason for me doing this?

I think as writers we have to ask ourselves that. How are we bettering the world, a community, a single person? Do we write just to write, for no real purpose, is it just something we do without even thinking? Do we do it for ourselves, wanting some satisfying end result? Do we do it for others, having the main sole purpose that we better them somehow?

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That Light In the Darkness

This is written by me and is about how music has impacted my life. I hope you all enjoy!

A book in progress on the best thing in the entire world.

Photo by: K ~ The Eternal Spirit Photo by: K ~ The Eternal Spirit

In the essay, The Importance of Music in My Life it touches on how music is important to her, letting her write about her day, give her energy, and keep memories alive. For me, it does most of the same things. Music is that little light in the darkness around the world. It allows me to express my emotions through rhyme and rhythm.

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Everything Is An Argument

“Everything is an argument”

Before we get into this, what is an argument?

It is a reason or set of reasons given with the aim of persuading others that an action or idea is right or wrong.

My English teacher cleared up the air with saying that it wasn’t where you yell at people about something but better yet where you critically think and take a position. You are given an opinion and have to back it up with evidence. It is a form of persuasion and debate.

He told us we had to read things and that everything was readable. You can read a picture, a room, or a person. This wasn’t hard for me since I already read into things way too much. Over analyzing and trying to figure things out. All I had to do now is learn how to apply it. Continue reading

The Timeless Night


080I didn’t notice anything around me, however every once in a while I would notice a white house or the Talbert marshes. Things would flash into and out of focus. My mind was going a million miles an hour as I questioned with my dad the possibility of going to see NEEDTOBREATHE.

Next thing I know we are at the stoplight on Main Street, there is a multitude of people in shorts and tank tops trying to get from here to there. I noticed the crowded pier to my right and the urban beach front stores to my left. It is now or never. Do I go or not go? The light turned green; I made the split second decision. My dad flashed through the intersection and we were gone. Continue reading