Being a Film Major

6a2e603d95665f2b4e520bb4775e5716The questions I always get as a film major that I wish I didn’t:

People always asking what your favorite film is.

People always asking what you want to do with film.

People always asking if I am working on any films.

People always asking if your film program is any good.

People always asking too many annoying questions.  Continue reading

My Television Season Theory

Are you ready? Here is one of my best theories ever. Each TV show copies the same pattern in their story telling journey. Let’s start at the beginning.

Season 1

heartland_season1The first installment in what will hopefully be the franchise. Everything is new and foreign not only to the audience but to everyone involved. Things need to be established. The actors are getting used to their characters. The storylines are trying to be set up and developed. It is the season you look back on later and realized how much it sucked compared to the end product but still love it because that is where it all started.  Continue reading

Friends Character & Season Ranking

My favorite TV show is Friends. Here are my favorite ranked in order although after Monica I don’t really have a particular order. I am trying to keep them all the same length and super short so I don’t ramble on forever. They all change so much from the very beginning and I think that is amazing. friends-cast

Chandler- I mean who doesn’t say Chandler is their favorite? His sarcastic comments that represent us so well. He has perfect comedic timing and is all around super lovable.

Monica- She is very type A but also a part of Mondler which is my all time OTP paired with two of my favorite characters and show. They’re kind of unbeatable in my book.  Continue reading

INFP & Beauty and the Beast

2015-03-05-1425591159-645313-belleINFP: Introvert Intuitive Feeling Prospecting

Beauty and the Beast: A story of a beautiful woman falling in love with a lonely beast.

I saw a commercial for the disney animated Beauty and the Beast again today and I wondered if Belle was INFP because she seemed to have a lot of the personality traits that INFP has. Sure enough I check a website who has typed all of the Disney princesses and she was an INFP. Maybe this is why I have always considered her my favorite.  Continue reading

Television Techniques

Every TV show uses certain writing techniques to draw people in.

Photo by: Kevin (cc)
Photo by: Kevin (cc)

Have you ever watched a show before it went on hiatus? If so, it probably had a main character in a precarious or difficult dilemma, or confronted with a shocking revelation right before it faded to black. This is called a cliff hanger. It ensures that the audience will come back wanting to know how the issue is resolved. Almost every single TV show does this now. And usually this excites people, having them count the days till their favorite TV show returns. But what if your TV show is cancelled? This cliff hanger  ends up creating a very interesting story line that is untold. The fans are upset since there was no closure, having them turn to fan fiction, not ready to let go.

Some TV shows have a staple cinematic element, for example, One Tree Hill has the last line said in a scene tie into the next line in a scene. Whether it is continuing the dialogue but with different characters or saying the exact same line in a different context, this line ties all the scenes together. Other shows may have people questioning something, or trying to figure out who is involved in something and the very next scene shows that person. This hints to the audience who is behind it while still leaving the other characters in the dark.

Photo by: Nick Kenrick
Photo by: Nick Kenrick

This leads into the classic foreshadowing, which has the audience anticipate what is to come next. They may even be so subtle that people don’t catch it until much later. One of my favorite examples that I didn’t catch was in One Tree Hill when a character, upset about something entirely different, comments to her friend, who made a snarky comment, “Would the bride like to wear red today?” This was an empty threat, but later that episode her friend actually wore red. She collapsed on the floor with blood surrounding her. This wasn’t the obvious “in your face” foreshadowing, it was cleverly done, having no one pay attention to it.

Every TV show uses many literary techniques to make their show have more meaning. They all want to add some element to their show that makes them stand out or more appealing to people. I think that is what makes Television so unique, it can take two elements and add it together. The character growth and the literary side of books and the acting and cinematic effect of movies. To come up with the perfect combination.

-Forever Putting My Thoughts On Paper

The Rhetorical Triangle: One Tree Hill

Photo By: Ted Major on Flickr

My favorite TV show is One Tree Hill. This is a show set in North Carolina surrounding a rivalry of two brothers, their family and friends. I thought it would be interesting if I applied what I learned in AP English to the show. I just learned about the rhetorical triangle this year. It is made up of the audience, speaker, and purpose surrounded by context.

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