The never ending writing process…

Working at cafeSo I am writing a TV show- or at least outlining it. I am also writing a book- although that has been on hiatus for three months now. Whoops. I moved on.

This is what I mean. It never ends because I always hit a road block, lose inspiration, or gain it for something else. It isn’t that I don’t like the idea anymore it is just once I have lost my groove it is hard to get it back. It may take a week or a month or maybe years.  Continue reading

When Your Whole Blog Post Gets Deleted.

635953993230136621-1142114580_sitting-girl-on-window-hd-wallpaper-3564I had this whole thing about traveling alone and the tips I learned. It was short and sweet and to the point. And then it all got deleted. Gone- just like that.

It sucks when your work is just no longer there. It was there one minute and then a glitch just made is disappear. No draft saved or anything.

I want to do this whole blog thing because I love to write and get my thoughts out. It would only make sense that I share that with the world. Or more like the three people that actually read it.  Continue reading

Navigating Vulnerability

Picture by: Robert Pittman


Last week in my English class we peer reviewed our descriptive essay. At the very end of our discussion we mentioned how we all need to be more vulnerable. To not just give the flat dreary details everyone has heard before. But to be personal and truthful about the topic we are discussing.

A lot of our descriptions and even narrative essays we have written in the past are on very personal things. This makes it hard to open up and share those details to someone else. A person in our group wrote about how her grandma died and she didn’t know how much to add without making it too personal and emotional. This was a very upsetting experience and she didn’t know if people would understand. Continue reading

The Never Ending Evolution of Writing

ODC – Your Personality 112 Pictures in 2012 #40 – Something beginning with “T” Texture courtesy of Kirstin Frank

Writing has an evolution, one that is never ending.

You start out with an inferior infant, a zero draft, move onto the young optimistic child, the first draft, hit the frustrating teen years, the second draft, push through the hardships of the young adults, reach the road block middle aged years, drag into the wise seniors and finally come to a resting place, accepting the state of completion, when you are finally done and ready to turn it in.

According to my English class, you can’t be satisfied with what you originally wrote, that is wrong. You need to always be improving. To get input from other students, get examples from other essays and expertise advice from teachers. Continue reading