Life. Update?

So I haven’t written here in quite some time- but I did warn that. Almost a month or so later- here I am. I have been in Colorado for almost five weeks. It has been the longest I have been away from home.

I have gotten homesick and at the same time feel completely okay with being away from home. I guess it is because I know that there is an end date. I know that it will be over soon and so I am trying to make the most of it. 

Being thrown into a bunk house with twelve other girls from around the US has been challenging for this introvert to say the least. I have grown so much but at the same time- I feel exactly the same. Everyone likes to believe that they aren’t the same person but for the most part you are.

Yes the experiences shape you and mold you a little bit at a time but overall you are still you. Even if you try to extend yourself and be something a little different- after a period of time you will revert into old habits and the true- more natural you will come out.

I am surrounded by people constantly and am trying to not get burnt out by everything. Work has been work. It is my first job and therefore I am just trying to do a good job. I am a people pleasure to a certain extent. The work is long hours and is relatively hard but I can’t imagine myself doing any other summer job.

I guess what I miss the most is my people. People who get you and accept you despite everything. You don’t have to worry about what you say or how you act because they love all of you. I don’t have a lot of people back home but when I find them it is like lightning in a bottle for me.

There are difficult people who I literally wouldn’t interact with in college and there is also drama that resembles middle school and high school because there are so little of us and we are spending all day every day with each other. We never really get away and just be ourselves.

I don’t really know what else to say- this has just been one big ramble and update like thing. I hope you enjoyed the thoughts from a college christian creative INFP. All C’s except the personality which some people think is a load of crap.

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