I Like Words.

rsz_sticksandstonesWe all know how powerful words are:

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can paralyze my soul”

I kinda improvised the last part.

You can use words as a weapon or a tool.

They can uplift someone or break them down.

Now that we go that out of the way lets continue onto my ramble. 

image-27So I have recently thought of the idea to take up calligraphy. You know writing peoples names or things and putting it on a sticker for them to place somewhere. I was telling my friend that it could be my break from writing since I want to work from home.

She laughed and said so you will be taking a break from looking at words to writing more words. I was like YEP. I love letters. Typography. I have a multi-fandom account on Instagram and I love editing together scenes and adding words of some sort, either a scene or a song.

My other friend chimed in and said I should change my major to graphic design. This lead into a long conversation about how I really just need to get a college degree of any kind and the major of course matters but there is so much you can learn on your own about graphic design. I also like it as a hobby, I don’t know if I had to take classes about it, if I would like it as much.

787e79022db7b0a2e4d2f4246eca4e28My cousin is a graphic designer and her love for fonts has slowly increased my own love for fonts. Getting the perfect size, placement, color, and style. It can literally make or break an impression subconsciously of a certain product or company. Certain fonts come with certain connotations and it is important in choosing these fonts to evoke a certain emotion and vibe.

Here I am talking like an expert when I barely know anything and haven’t even taken a class. If someone reading this is knowledgable on typography and such please comment down below educating me more. I really do love to learn, I just like doing it on my own time and not feeling like I am forced to read something. Even if it is interesting the mere fact that I have to read it already turns me off. I like to want to do something. Bad overall feeling in life. Something I should work on.

There is a song called Words by Birdy and it is just a coincidence that I happen to be obsessed with it too. There was a movie called The Words with Bradley Cooper that I saw in theaters once. I did like it but for the longest time it added into oblivion. So yeah I even like the word word. Then there is Microsoft word although now I mostly use google doc because it is more convenient.

most-common-words-in-english-proverbs-1I mean how surprising is it that a writer of all sorts loves words? I got told by someone that I have great vocabulary which I thought was surprising but went with it because I am a writer and if I didn’t then I’d be very concerned. I am a writer with bad grammar, if you couldn’t tell- I guess it evens out.

I like words doesn’t even begin to cover it. There are moments when I am at a loss of words and that does  frustrate me. Sometimes it is so hard to explain verbally why or how you feel about something. That is my job as a writer so I will work on that. Coinciding with that I need to learn how to describe visual things.

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