Being a Film Major

6a2e603d95665f2b4e520bb4775e5716The questions I always get as a film major that I wish I didn’t:

People always asking what your favorite film is.

People always asking what you want to do with film.

People always asking if I am working on any films.

People always asking if your film program is any good.

People always asking too many annoying questions. 

ss_ss_gallery_4I like Television more than film. So if i say my favorite movie which is Dirty Dancing I am afraid I will be judged because it isn’t Oscar nominated. Even the TV shows I have trouble with coming up with something that won’t cause judgement.

I have an unrealistic dream to be a show runner and I hate telling people because I don’t think it would happen. I usually just say I want to be a director because it is straightforward and more realistic. I then follow with I could really do anything.

I am a freshman now so I am not officially in my major yet. I am taking some film classes but they are all history. I could be going the extra mile and get experience but I kind of just want to enjoy my first year or two of college before my whole life is film.

I never know how to answer the third one because like it isn’t the best I will admit that but it definitely isn’t the worst. I wouldn’t want to be at any other school and therefore the program is fine with me. Plus who is really going to trash their school?

rs9843_522470291The idea of after college working towards my career end goal freaks me out. There is no direct path like being a doctor, lawyer, or teacher. It is all real luck and connections. Sure talent is important too but a lot of people are creative and can learn the skills. But having the money and right timing is really the key to making it in Hollywood. No matter how amazing your story is or how much you know, if you don’t know the right people and have an amazing portfolio, you are basically screwed.

So it is something I don’t like to think about. Procrastination and not making decisions is really what I live for. So the next time that you run into a film major please don’t ask them these questions because they get them all the time and probably want to die every time that they get asked. You may not know because we have an automatic pre-planned question all ready to be used.

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