-Being obsessed with MBTI-

Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

I know there are so much more than this. I barely know enneagram cognitive functions, and shadow functions.

whoismocca-blog-tipps-tricks-laptop-coffee-notebook-sliderI love to go on peoples blogs and personality cafe all of the time just to learn more about the different types.

I seriously think that I should be a psychology major rather than film sometimes. Although I think that it will then suck the fun out of it.

I am an INFP and find myself to be pretty much the epitome of this type. It actually kills me how much I fit into the stereotype. Every once in awhile I am like “ehhh” but most of the time I am laughing at how accurate it describes me.

I have done this in class twice now and have been dying on the inside when they say something wrong like “I think I am both introvert and extravert”. INFP and INFJ may look really similar with the one letter change but if you learn about cognitive functions you will see how different they actually are. That being said we do have a lot of similarities.

27b74393e3fa7d530832f85071cc4d51_groups-of-all-sizes-free-silhouette-clipart-group-of-women-friends-at-beach_1600-1069I have a lot of ISFJ’s and INFJ’s in my life either by chance or by choice. I have a running list of people either friends, acquaintances, and family members. It is actually quite fun but is really just another thing to make me weird and crazy.

I love it when a person has already taken the test but I am also super worried of people being mistyped because that is just a mess. But when I also meet someone who is also kinda nerdy about the personality test I just freak out with excitement.

Another pet-peeve is when people are like “I used to be an ISFJ but now I am an ESFJ” it is like no. No you did not change. You may be in a situation where you are forced to be more extraverted or are likely to be more outgoing but either you were originally mistyped or right now you got a wrong assessment. That would mean going through a huge life crisis to change not a couple of months.

hapy-woman-in-the-rainI seriously think it has helped me understand myself and others so much better. It makes me realizes why we are so different. It will be able to help my future relationship and already helps many situations that I am in now. You can better love people when you understand them better.

I hate it when people aren’t willing to change and grow but I have to realize that the ISFJ type is mostly stuck in their pattern and routine. Just like INFJ’s are going to be extremely private and not really share that much. Just like ENTJ’s are going to be more likely to be brutally honest and hard-headed. No one type is above the other overall, we just have our own strengths and weaknesses and it is knowing them that can help you.

Am I a little too obsessed with it? Maybe but I don’t take it as gospel. It does help explain things like me being prone to depression-like feelings. Why I hate small talk and big groups of people. Why I am always day-dreaming [so much so that this is apparently how I will die]. The idealism and hatred of money. My love for nature and animals. Although it kind of sucks not to be so unique and different at least I know that I am not alone.

Empty Highway Through the Fall ForestYes I rave about my deep emotions making me so wise and creative. But really I am just seeking validation while making sure that there is no spotlight on me. It is a paradox. I hope you enjoyed another little tidbit into my INFP self. We aren’t always emotional weak people that are helpless children but sometimes we are and I hope you can accept that.


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