Writing Songs

music-headphones-770x472I love music. Worship. Indie. Alternative. Singer-song writer. Country. Even some pop. Barely any rap.

It can transcend you. Change your mood. Or help you express your feelings. Writing songs have become so therapeutic for me.

I have been writing songs for a long time now but now I am writing them all in my journal and documenting their existence. 

Sometimes they feel like poems because I don’t know how to play any instruments. But never the less they are mine.

hqdefaultThe things I write about can be something I am personally going through or a random topic I feel inspired to write about.

They are all very precious to me and although I don’t have a good enough singing voice it seems almost weird to have someone else sing them.

I know this is my only option but for right now they are just for me. I do think it would be cool to one day have them out in the world- I just haven’t found a sufficient way of getting this done in the way I like.

The goal is to find a husband who can sing and play instruments but is struggling with writing. Then we could become a duo in a non-traditional sense.

5799d775c7f5fThey are very Florence & the Machine, Daughter, Ed Sheeran esq. meaning they have a lot of emotions and story behind them but are slower and very consuming. I write my songs to speak to the soul. The songs that change lives.

I don’t really limit myself to one topic like love or christian. I just write what I write as there are so many components that make up my creativity and the things I want to tell.

I use music for so much. When I write it helps me get into a certain zone and exudes a particular vibe. I listen to music when I am just chilling and when working out or showering.

emotional_desde_1__plantahdrMusic is so important and I am forever grateful that God created it for us to use to worship and honor him.

Maybe one of these days I will share with you one of my songs – err poems. But for now you are just hearing about me writing them. Did I mention that I can pour out a song from me in twenty minutes. Once I get going it just flows but it is starting that is hard.

Getting inspired is the key. You need life experience to say something meaningful. Hence why sometimes this takes awhile to write- got to find a topic first. Then once that is done it is practically already done.



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