INFP: I’m a turtle.

68ee9e7da2e75eee6aba43a07ee72e97_cartoon-sea-turtle-cartoon-sea-turtle-cartoon-clipart_7197-4514You may see me as outgoing. Standing on top of my shell. This only happens when I am passionate about something.

You may see me as chill. Head is poked out of the shell. This is who I am most of the time.

You may see me as withdrawn. Pulled all the way into my shell. This only happens when I feel exhausted or emotional. 

Slow and steady wins the race is my motto. But you know that as I procrastinate. Do a little of this and a little of that. It is all about the big picture right?

I am seen as weak by all the other “animals” just mopping about life. Like I am useless.

You may see me as an old soul- wise beyond my years. This is due to me being able to observe everyone else and see life for what it truly is.

79cb535a42a940728a938cade11daa75_turtle-shell-picture-clipart-clipart-turtle-shell_628-483I am seen as having a hard shell. Sticking to my morals and values- hating fakes and hypocrites.

If I am a sea turtle I am cute and adventurous. If I am a regular turtle then I am just blending in and going about life. If I am a tortoise I am back to all the negative things you thought.

Super short and sweet. Hope you enjoy this cute little post as opposed to me being emotional.

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