It has been a week.

And oh how it has been a week. It is always been A WEEK. So let us talk about things.

My friends have also been pretty amazing. But when are they not. I spend so much time with them and they are starting to get me so well. It is feels really great to be known.

businesswoman with a note-bookI have been working on a TV show idea for the past few weeks that I have had floating around in my mind for two years. Now I am finally starting to organize it and outline it.

I got a job at a Dude Ranch (that happened two weeks ago). That is really exciting but also scary. My first job and it is all summer out of state. I have been there before and know I will have fun but it is also so outside of my comfort zone.

I have been trying to get more sleep this week and not take naps. It has been working well so far and I have been trying to cut back on coffee. Getting my class canceled this morning helped a lot with that. Basically sleep is really important and sleep depriving myself isn’t always the best. I am still no where near normal yet though. The problems with being a night owl still continue.

My TV shows have been driving me crazy. Favorite characters of mine have been dying left and right. Things are getting crazy and super unstable on the state they are in. I have been loving music like usual. Finding new songs to obsess over and listen to on infinite repeat.

man-relaxing-thinking-sad-laptop-technology-unplug-nature-aloneI am still keeping track and researching the MBTI personality types. I have a running list on people in my life. I even take them for my characters so I can better understand them. Basically it is a huge part of my life and will be for a long time. Ever since I started to get into them a few months back it has controlled my life.

Being an INFP is amazing and extremely difficult. So many emotions and not enough. I can flip a switch and they all come flooding out or keep it all closed in and non-existent. I love being so unique and not really knowing anyone with this personality type. Although I do have one friend who claims to be INFP but I am not sure if she is. I wish more people took and talked about personality types because I think it helps us understand each other better.

Well that is it for this week. Who knows what I will write next week. I guess whatever is on my mind.

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