Friends Character & Season Ranking

My favorite TV show is Friends. Here are my favorite ranked in order although after Monica I don’t really have a particular order. I am trying to keep them all the same length and super short so I don’t ramble on forever. They all change so much from the very beginning and I think that is amazing. friends-cast

Chandler- I mean who doesn’t say Chandler is their favorite? His sarcastic comments that represent us so well. He has perfect comedic timing and is all around super lovable.

Monica- She is very type A but also a part of Mondler which is my all time OTP paired with two of my favorite characters and show. They’re kind of unbeatable in my book. 

Ross- A lot of people don’t like him that much but I find his sense of humor very funny. “Pivot. Pivot. Pivot.” He got a monkey, three divorces, and very awkward a lot.

Phoebe- The weirdest most amazing character. I mean from her shady past to her free-spirited ways. She is definitely the quirkiest and most removable out of all of them.

Rachel- She is kind of snobby and the decisions she makes is not like me. My favorite line of hers is “Not too shabby for Rachel.” She shakes things up for the group.

Joey- I never like the dumb character because it is hard for me to believe that someone can be that dumb. He means super well though and has a lot of funny things going for him.

friends-cast-season-6-promos-zoom-51dd49f9-1ca8-43ba-a039-8cdf1dd6ef8aI have never loved a cast so much and the dynamic that they have. Not changing any of them, as they all stayed throughout. There will never be a show that can withstand over 20+ years of fans that still reference it daily. Now onto favorite seasons of Friends which is incredibly hard but if I had to rank them here is what I would do.

Season 5- This is the season that Mondler gets together. Do I need to say more? Well Ross is dealing with Emily, Rachel is getting over Ross, Joey is trying to act, Phoebe is being her hippie self, and Mondler is sneaking around. We get Ross going crazy, Joey being the only one knowing about Mondler, and just overall a great season.

Season 6- Mondler moves in together which brings so many amazing storylines with so many characters. The cast is on point especially Phoebe on all fronts as she knows things that other characters don’t. Let’s not forget about the lead up to the amazing and emotional Mondler proposal.

Season 4- Ross gets with emily super fast which was weird but showed that you shouldn’t get married in that much of a hurry. Phoebe becomes a surrogate to her brother Franks babies which I mean how random is that? Chandler gets someone other than Janice and Monica is getting over Richard aka setting up the next season for Mondler.

Season 10- Rachel and Joey get together which is just like- what? It is the last season but yet the shortest which is sad. We get a lot of Phoebe and Mike which is always nice. Then there is the finale which is just too much for words- just utter perfection. So many feelings with Mondler, Roschel, and the ending of an era.

Season 9- Phoebe has a strong love interest with actual storylines that last more than a few episodes, Mondler is going through a hard time trying to conceive and we get to see a lot of Chandler’s career. Rachel and Ross have emma and that drama. I never really notice what happens with Joey lol.

Season 7- The planning of the Mondler wedding. Honestly season 5-7 has Mondler as the main story arc which I love. However compared to the other seasons it doesn’t hold up as standing out as much. Rachel dates Tag which I don’t particularly like.

Season 8- Rachel is pregnant. Maybe it is because after three seasons the torch is handed back to Roschel but I don’t love this season quite as much. It’s the beginning of the Joey feelings and Phoebe once again has no real hard storyline.

Season 3- Ross and Rachel take a break which is undoubtedly one of the most iconic episodes but other than the Roschel drama and the hints at Mondler I don’t really love this season as much as clearly I love the other ones.

Season 1- The beginning of the legacy. Although they are all such babies and have awhile before they get in their groove, there is something about the beginning that you just don’t get in other seasons. After that I rarely ever watch season one.

Season 2- The first flashback and the road to Ross and Rachel is the only good things in this season for me. Monica starts dating Richard which I mean hello I don’t like. It is building off of the first season well but still not there for me.

1051159-aAs you can see the first three seasons are definitely not my go to seasons but don’t get me wrong I love friends so much and have seen all of those episodes at least three times now. But compared to 20+ times of my favorite seasons it doesn’t do well in comparison.

I could talk about the show forever and honestly it was hard to write this because all of the seasons blend together when you have been watching them on reruns since you were 11. The season finales help place things and some main story arcs but other than that it is hard to remember what things were said when.

I don’t feel like my love and obsession with this show has been done justice in this article but I digress. I hope you love friends as much as I do and if not then I guess you can stick around lol