INFP & Beauty and the Beast

2015-03-05-1425591159-645313-belleINFP: Introvert Intuitive Feeling Prospecting

Beauty and the Beast: A story of a beautiful woman falling in love with a lonely beast.

I saw a commercial for the disney animated Beauty and the Beast again today and I wondered if Belle was INFP because she seemed to have a lot of the personality traits that INFP has. Sure enough I check a website who has typed all of the Disney princesses and she was an INFP. Maybe this is why I have always considered her my favorite. 

I have always loved the story of Beauty and the Beast. For crying out loud I read and saw Beastly and have loved the CW TV show Beauty and the Beast. Any story where a girl or guy falls in love with the “Beast” I love. The whole notion that love goes beyond looks is literally me. I despise it when people say “but he isn’t hot” or “__ is so hot” like that is the only thing they see. The most important thing at least. If anything that is a side note compared to who they are on the inside.

hp1c50I also kinda hated that in the end they turn “beautiful” again as if again that is the only thing that matters. That they must be beautiful on the outside as well or why watch it. Why can’t they stay in their beastly form? After all the person fell in love with them that way. The Shrek movies, for example does this. Fiona and Shrek stay in their Ogre form because they don’t care how they look. He didn’t turn into a prince at the end of the movie, she stayed an Ogre. To me they became even more beautiful when they were “flawed”.

Back to Belle, she loves books and sees the best in people. On Once Upon a Time they completely ruined that story by trying to blend Rumplestilskin and the Beast- making him an unlovable character to most. Yet I still see the best in him no matter how many times he has done wrong. So did Belle until the most recent seasons because people thought she was “weak” which I guess is the infamous stereotype of the INFP. Maybe the fiery passion of INFP is coming out of her. But according to a website she is ENFJ and not even an INFP like the Disney Belle.

giphyHowever as I write this article, I do more research and have found that another website has typed Belle as INTP with a little bit of feeling. Either way whichever “Belle” we are talking about I want to know if there is any other INFP’s who feel connected to the Beauty and the Beast story. Seeing the best in someone even when others don’t or you shouldn’t. This idea that it takes being in close quarters with someone for awhile to truly know who they are. That once a core value is violated, we turn into a different person then you could have imagined. We live in our heads and imagine the world for all of its greatness.

This was a very scattered blog but I hope you enjoyed. I have just read a fan forum and one said INFJ for Belle but then two or more say Belle is the most INFP-est there is and that she has to be an INFP. Therefore majority goes to INFP. Yay. It is interesting though how different renditions of the same story can give the same character preset a completely different personality type. For example, Catherine Chandler is typed as an ISTJ by a fan website which only has introvert in common with INFP. Therefore as you can see just because you identify with a story or character doesn’t mean that they are that type or fit into the norm. tumblr_n14as8pdnw1trgnmmo8_250

I love to talk about both personality types and TV shows so I would love to make a post like this again if you were to oblige by commenting or liking it, therefore knowing that it is popular. I most likely won’t be typing but rather discussing the types or how they relate to each other.


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