My Coffee Addiction.

carleneI used to hate coffee. Despise it actually. I hated the smell and taste. Until that one day.

Sophomore year of high school I finally start with iced coffee at Starbucks. Once a week only when I really needed it. Turned into Junior year getting my own Keurig machine meaning coffee whenever I wanted. To Senior year having it everyday of the school week.

Now I am in college and sometimes have multiple coups a day. I get headaches some days that I don’t have coffee aka every Wednesday. I love the taste of course. I love the coffee surging through my brains. I love holding that white cup in my hand. I love the warm hot latte sliding down my throat. I love the trendiness of it all.

But most of all I love that it wakes me up. I am envious of the people who don’t need it. Although I feel a part of this very huge club. Don’t like tea at all so I am a one drink woman. I get the same thing every time. Never having to size up to a venti yet. But sometimes I get two- venti and grande. vegan-latte-starbucks

SO many side affects from it though. The pee. The sweat. The gitters. The mouth. I basically turn into coffee. It probably isn’t good for my health but that is up for debate. I’ve burned my mouth too many times. Spilled every where a lot. Not had enough time to wait in line. Clinging to each gift card like my life depends on it.

I don’t get the fancy drinks because I’m not fake like that. I need coffee and coffee needs me. I try to be as basic as possible.

My coffee addiction has definitely not been the worst out there but I guarantee I am worse than the normal person.


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