My INFP Personality Things

I have over the past couple  of months become more interested with the Myer Briggs Test. I have made so many of the people in my life big or small take it just so I could learn more.

I have gotten typed at INFP meaning I am Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving as my main cognitive behaviors. I have read and watched so many articles and videos so here is my take.

chairlift_-_crying_in_public_video_news_under_the_radarI hate crying in public but sometimes when something triggers my emotions it just comes out. Confrontation usually makes me cry, has since I was little and now even as a newly adult I still have to hold back tears when talking to a professor. I take crying very seriously because it usually last for multiple hours, meaning once I’ve started even if I stop I can easily start again. I cry at some movies and in fact if I don’t it rarely can make it into my favorite movies. I also am usually never crying for just one thing although one thing may have triggered it, me crying at that moment may seem silly but know that silly thing that triggered it is about 20% of the reason I actually can’t breath and feel like the world is over.

lying-truth_2_833_460_80_c1I hate liars, people that I can’t trust. As a kid I wanted to believe the best in everyone and therefore I was seen as gullible. Two friends would tell me they are sisters and I would be cautious due to burns in the past by others but if they kept the lie up even if a part of me is like “they are probably not telling the truth” I will apologize for not believing them sooner. This goes to my parents as well. I would always ask if I am adopted and that they better tell me. I am not by the way. Or if they kept something from me intentional or not it is something that has stayed with me forever. I value trust and would rather know the harsh truth that to have a lie fed to me everyday. This goes in to number three. 135184135

I am so loyal. Like I am sure that if someone I was close to told me they killed someone I would sit there and listen to them explain themselves before doing anything. If a friend or parent wrongs me I will get really upset and shut them out for like a couple days but then ultimately come around. I as a kid was kind of clingy and I think this had to do with being an only child and also INFP. I just wanted to be there for my friends and connect with them. I’ve never left friends, friends have always left me except for that gruesome time in third grade when I kept shutting a friend out. Basically I’m always the one going to ask if my friends want to hang out not the other way around.Processed with VSCOcam with x4 preset

I am introverted- not extroverted. My friends think that I am extroverted because around them I am my normal self, talkative. It has always been a struggle explaining that to them I need my alone time and can be shy. For example I went to a Halloween dance party once for a club on a Thursday and I was already out all day. I left at ten while they all went out to Denny’s. I then stayed up till five am watching Army Wives and spent the rest of the weekend in my dorm room except to go to my grandparents on Saturday. Mind you that Halloween was on Monday and for four days I basically did nothing. I needed to recover. daydreams

I love to daydream. I can sit in a car for hours with my music and camera. Either sleeping, coming up with stories, or looking out the window. I can walk to class by myself with nothing but my thoughts. I don’t mind waiting for things because I can just think. I can just be. I used to love play pretend TV Show, acting out my made up plot. Of course I love to write as well although I have never finished one of my stories. My mind was built to create and as long as I am doing that in life I will be fine. The mind is a fascinating place that I like to reflect on. depressed_woman_sitting_deep_in_thought

I over analyze everything. Reading in to every detail from someone. Their tone, their body language. I can mirror that on to myself and just go crazy. I can tell when someone is off. Either stressed, mad, or sad. When someone is talking about something I take it on, which is why I most likely get panic attacks- I feel like it is happening to me. I also play out conversations in my head if I have to confront someone. Going over every scenario and mapping out this make believe story that hasn’t even happened yet. lazygirl

I am lazy. It takes me forever to do something. I don’t just sleep or sit somewhere though, I am actively taking in things creative or am creating them myself. I can get lost on youtube or writing a story. Letting hours pass realizing I sat in bed all day only to get up to go to the bathroom and eat. Yet, it was a good day. I don’t want everyday like this of course. But for me to be passionate about something takes a lot. Which is why I don’t do things right away, because I have other more important things to me. I was doing stuff, but those stuff may be “nothing” to someone else.girl-looking-out-the-window

I am Idealistic. So that daydreaming stuff is mostly about my life. What I will do, who I will be, who I will marry. I hate actually planning things but I love to think them up. I get the “that is unrealistic” all the time or “you have too high of standards” but you know what I’d rather never get married then have something that is half-assed. That is why I think so many of us live in this make-believe world, because it is almost always infinitely better than our own. I know the reality of the world, and that is why I choose to be idealistic.

natureHarmony is something I wish to achieve. This is why we hate conflict. I always try to play devil advocate although sometimes it is exhausting. But I guess it is because I put myself in other peoples shoes and think how they would. I try to keep the peace and have people see both sides, sometimes that doesn’t go to my benefit. But other times people like it so it goes both ways. I just want everyone to get along meaning I hate drama. Hence why I’ve had about three “fights” with my best friend. If only it was that way with my parents. Sometimes after pushing in everything that hurts we just snap.slide-2_1240_600

Justice is something we can’t help. Animal rights. Prisoner rights. Drunk driving laws. Making sure that we don’t have regrets. I literally can’t think about all the pain in the world and injustice without getting sad. As a person who is so blessed I can only imagine what it would be like to be in a wheel chair, or beaten up everyday, or having your life taken away from you. I just want love and understanding in the world. I just need justice. This can make an INFP either very cynical or very positive. Depending on which side of life they are on currently.

I have decided to stop at ten to keep it nice and polished. Let me know in the comments bellow if you disagree or agree with my list. I could go on and on forever about INFP since they are in fact me.




3 thoughts on “My INFP Personality Things

  1. timetravelinghobbit December 15, 2016 / 4:13 pm

    I can definitely relate to all of these as an INFP, especially the first one. Specifically the part on crying at the movies or crying while watching a movie or show at home. I can relate in that usually my favorite movies are emotional ones. If a movie or show can make me feel that much, then the writer and director did a fantastic job. (Thus, Inside Out and Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part II are among my favorite films of all time). Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Catherine December 15, 2016 / 5:34 pm

    Yep! This also describes me quite well. 😉


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